A client oriented company, Etrip India welcomes you with its unique hospitality, refined personalized services and creativity. We established Etrip India in 2014 realizing the need of competent and reliable service providers. Our motto was to provide the best quality Travel experience in India and other Part of World.
We have improved our services and grown in industry by aiming at providing best services and wow experience to our esteemed guests. As the world is going online, we have made it very easy for our guests to book tour packages with our website and mobile application. We always ask for their feedback and continuously work towards improving our services. Our professional active team regularly looks for diverse ways to give you the best service possible. By our admirable services, we take delight to know that our list of satisfied customer have increased in each and every year.
With this achievement we are at one of the top position in travel sector. We chose our markets carefully after studying the needs of our clients and identify those carriers that fit within our market expansion plan.
From our database we keep reviewing destinations of our passengers, and work with many airline partners and Travel Agents under B2B tie ups. We also assign our expertise in ETRIP INDIA Verticals of Car Rental and Air Charters. The Etrip India Team is made up by the country’s youngest and best educated generation who has grasped valuable knowledge and is very eager to create majestic travel experiences for their customers.
Etrip India Directors having vast experience in Travel and aviation field which enable them to set up Multinational Company Wise Service Inn Pvt. Ltd. in year 2007. WSI launched their travel operations simultaneously in India, Nepal and Dubai. WSI join hand with Car Rental Division and Launched a Joint Venture of Wise Travel India Pvt. Ltd.
As some of you are aware I was privileged to be part in Board of Directors / Wise Travel India Pvt. Ltd. Where I had a chance to exchange my knowledge and experience with WTI Team from all over India and more significantly, to learn from them. In addition, it offered me way deeper insights into the Car Rental and travel needs and future trends. The years of WTI just Passed with some good knowledge and experience – it was an experience of Car Rental possibly for Corporate Strategic Planning’s.
In 2011, in addition to our Travel Verticals we have successfully launched THE LAZEEZ (Hotel & Restaurant) Set up in New Delhi which is indeed to be among the most important Venture in Hospitality industries. I would also like to take this chance to report that we are continuing to achieve record customer service scores with the overwhelming majority of guests saying they would use our service whenever they come back to Delhi and recommend us to their friends. The Lazeez is now Well know Hotel in UAE Region, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, thanks for our The Lazeez Team with tremendous hospitality service which they have offered to our The Lazeez Customers.
With continuing process here at Etrip India, we are focused on quality and customer satisfaction as key cornerstones of our business policy. Travel is a service oriented industry and a lot depends on going the extra mile to satisfy demanding customers. Innovation is just as necessary as meticulous care in not only designing tour packages but also ensuring perfection in delivery at each point and at each stage. We travel the extra mile and stay awake to make sure you have a royal experience with us. To offer quality service with best rate in travel market Etrip India launched their offices internationally and within India. We have PAN India Presence and worldwide representation for more information kindly check our International Offices and Representations & India Office and Representations COLUMN on our Website.
We are a family of enthusiastic individuals’ talents that can meet the challenges of a culturally diverse business arena comprising many localities.
We pride ourselves in giving you the attention you deserve and the confidence to know we will make it happen. With dedication and excitement, we love what we do!
Please explore our website and mobile application to obtain comprehensive information on our services and offers.

Sister Concern, Associates & Supporting Companies:

  • Hotel in Delhi – The Lazeez Hotel(Delhi, India)
  • Event Management – Gordon Events and Security (Delhi, India)
  • Cargo and Logistic – Tusk Logistics and Cargo (UAE)
  • Airline Supervision Company – Zeenat Air ( Afghanistan)

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